Hiya! I'm Ifeoma

Nonfiction ghostwriter and book coach committed to helping you write and self-publish a book readers are eager to read and excited to rave about, so you can help more people with your hard-won wisdom.    

"82% of adults dream of writing a book. Less than 1% will ever try." Brian Tracy

the 1% achieve their author goals because they get help when they realize they need it.

As a nonfiction ghostwriter and book coach my mission is to help you elevate your personal brand by writing a nonfiction book that multiplies your impact and visibility. 

Ever thought about writing a book that:

  • Helps a group close to your heart, making their journey easier?
  • Positions you as a credible expert in your industry?
  • Attracts better clients?
  • Shares your story and/or proven blueprint for success with the world?

If yes, then you’ve probably felt the frustration of thinking of your book idea for months or years and writing nothing (or at least nothing you’re proud of).

Your burning desire to write that book hasn’t suddenly filled you with the knowledge or motivation required to make your dream a reality.

But you shouldn’t feel guilty. Writing a book is a daunting task and you don’t have to do it alone.

Here are 3 things I know...

will happen when you weave your expertise and experiences into an insightful, inspiring, and incredible nonfiction book

BOOST your credibility

It’ll be a perpetual proof of your expertise, hard work, and dedication.

multiply your impact

It’ll reach people you’ve never met in places you’ve never been.

build your legacy

Unlike a job, it’s truly yours and you can pass it on to those you love.

What they say ?

"Ifeoma has an innate talent for writing that is truly remarkable. She can take complex topics and ideas and distill them into clear, concise, and engaging content that captures the reader's attention from the very beginning." - DAVID JOHNSON


What's my story?

In 2017, I was just an employee doing my job, until I caught the “I should be doing more than this” bug. Lol. That feeling led me to take on the challenge of writing and self-publishing a  nonfiction book – just so I could stretch myself by creating more value for others.

Within a year, I went from not knowing how to write an entire book to selling close to 100 physical copies via pre-orders, hosting LIVE events in 3 cities and being recognized as an authority in an industry (which wasn’t my intent at all).

Another unexpected icing on the cake was having one of my readers become a friend, who’d eventually introduce me to a suave gentleman, who’s now my husband. How’s that for an unexpected benefit 😉

Now, I help experts write nonfiction books that elevate their personal brands, so they can serve more people and attract better opportunities.

Ill Love to help you do that —>>

Ifeoma Nwekwo

You'll enjoy working with me if...

You believe a book can change a person’s life

For you 'good enough' is not good enough

You know 'brand-building book' shouldn't mean boring

Laju iren

Laju Iren

Best selling author & Book Writing Coach

“Ifeoma’s book is so excellent in content and delivery that I am tempted to say I couldn’t have done a better job myself as regards the subject matter. Deep truths are communicated in a simple, matter-of-fact, hilarious way by someone who has ‘been there, done that,’ and is in many ways ‘still there and doing that’ with wisdom that could only have come from above. Every single person- whether male or female absolutely needs to read this book.”

Ifeoma Nwekwo

About Ifeoma Nwekwo

(yes, this is my professional bio *wink)

Ifeoma Nwekwo is a nonfiction ghostwriter and book coach. She teaches experts how to write and self-publish nonfiction books that elevate their personal brands by multiplying their impact and visibility.

Her first and only book ‘Can I be Married Already?!” spurred her to kickstart her online business and continues to garner much critical acclaim as an “insightful and relatable book everyone deserves to read – not just singles alone.

After graduating from Secondary school as the ‘Best student in English Language’, she went on to obtain a BSc. from Covenant University and an MA in Human Resource Management from Coventry University. Ifeoma is also a HubSpot certified Content Marketer.

As a nonfiction ghostwriter, editor, and book coach, she believes that writing a nonfiction book is a timeless way for experts to multiply their impact, boost their credibility, and unlock unlimited opportunities in their careers/businesses.

She’s happily married to her sweetheart, who came waltzing into her life thanks to one of her readers  😁

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What I'm like & what I like - outside of work

  • Sudden dancing is my thing and it usually happens when I hear good music or I just want to humor my husband.
  • I’m the first of 4-children but I look like the youngest. Can someone please explain to me why many younger siblings look older than their ‘older sibling?’
  • If my hands are busy and my mind is free – I’ll definitely be listening to something instructional. I love learning. Daaz jus eet.
  •  My first degree is in Building Technology, but I wanted to be a Newscaster or an OAP as a kid. Looks like I’m slowly going back to my childhood dream yeah?
  • I’m a student of my own life and my journal and/or note-taking app are always handy to make sure I don’t miss anything.
  • If we ever meet in person, don’t be surprised if I ask you for the meaning of your name. I’m fond of asking, so be prepared 😁

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